Not the answer I expected from my subconscious

Prologue : Prior to this dream, I had been reading the excellent book “Dreams of Awakening” by Charlie Morley. Inspired by this book, I had set some intention for the next time I had a lucid dream. I had planned that I was going to confront some dream characters about the path I’m on in life, and ask what they thought was the most important thing for me right now. I was planning to confront my subconscious. I was planning to confront myself basically.

The Dream : I began to float up from the ground. I was rising above several power lines that were in front of me. This often happens when I’m flying in dreams. Power lines seem to present themselves as obstacles I need to fly over. This dream sign caused me to become lucid as I reached the top of the power lines and flew over them.

I was suddenly flying on top of a Thermarest sleeping pad like a flying carpet and I was lucid. The sky was dark, and I believe there was snow on the ground below me. I was lucid for about two seconds when I remembered my intention to question my subconscious. So I set the intent again. I’m going to ask my subconscious about my path in life, and about what is most important for me at this moment.

I slowly descended from flying and headed toward a small building in the dark that was on the side of the road below. I got off my Thermarest pad and walked through the door of the small building and I placed my flying pad against the wall on the other side of the door.

As I looked around the other side of the door I noticed a group of people were sitting together in this small building. It was around this time that I started to lose my lucidity and I briefly was concerned I might be intruding upon this group of people. My concern did not last long before realizing I had happened upon an AA meeting and was welcomed into the meeting with open arms.

Prologue : Initially I thought my goal of questioning my subconscious had failed as I had lost my lucidity before I was able to ask anyone any real questions. It wasn’t until later that I realized that the AA meeting *was* the answer to my question. I had celebrated my 5 year sobriety about 35 days prior to this dream, and I had meant to start attending more AA meetings as I knew that reconnecting with this group was important for me. And yet, I had not attended a single AA meeting since, and I honestly had completely forgotten about my intent to attend more meetings.

I believe that my subconscious was spot on in its answer to my question about what is important at this moment.

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