https://www.lucidheart.com/This website started out as the dream journal of Ash Powell.  However, as I have started to write about so many different things, I have adopted this site as my primary writing outlet for many topics of interest.

I collect dreams, and true life stories, much like some people collect coins. But what good is it to have a vault full of treasure if you can’t take it out and show it off to your friends? To share its magnificence, its rarity, and its commonality. And so I share my boring dreams, crazy dreams, profound dreams, and even some embarrassing and revealing dreams.  In addition, I now share my waking life true stories and hopes and metaphorical dreams with the same openness.  I’ll probably throw some fiction writings up here as well.

The dreams and writing I share on this website are often very intimate to me.  I do not share my writings on this website lightly.  I share them in the spirit of dream research, and in the spirit of connecting with others.  Mostly, I share them with an open heart and with love.

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