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Justice Heart

Justice, Compassion, and Empathy

Justice is a dish best served with a side of empathy and a side of compassion. To my liberal friends. I love you. I am on your side. I want justice for Sandra Bland. I want equal rights for all of us, regardless of gender, gender identification or sexual orientation. I’m genuinely happy to see […]

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Happiness ~ Rose Petal Butterfly Dream

Happiness is not dependent on external objects or the actions of others. Inside of you exists the power to create entire worlds, filled with all the love and beauty you can imagine, and even things you might have thought unimaginable. Sometimes, when life gets chaotic as it did this past week, I try and remind […]

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long hair blessing man

My imperfect preachy self

I am imperfect. I am flawed in so many ways that I don’t bother to count the ways. And while I’m at peace in knowing of my imperfections, I am filled with a desire to improve myself. I want to be the best version of myself that I can be. One way that I work to improve […]

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I Love You Dad

I Love You

I’ll be honest. I struggle internally to say these words, even to my closest friends on any kind of regular basis straight to their face. There are a few occasions, where in a moment of rare courage, I throw my heart out there and tell my friends that I love them. But then I bottle […]

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