Lucid ~ Flying Through Intricate Bridge System

Dream Date : 04-Dec-2010

Prologue : Kate is a fictional name, used to replace the real name of a girl I went to high school with.  I went out with Kates younger sister once, but recall only brief conversations with Kate in the waking world.   Page is a fictional name, used to replace the real name of the mother of my Child.

The Dream :

I was feeling really at home in the dream world this morning.  I was with a group of people and we were talking about playing some sort of game.  A physical game, like kick ball or dodge ball.  Page was there across the room from me.  I was sitting next to Kate, and I was flirting with her.  We were having a really nice conversation and getting along nicely.  Kate commented that Page was looking a little pissed off at us.  I was not sure why, since we have been apart for so long.

Some people were making playful sex jokes, which seemed to go along with my flirting with Kate.

I’m not sure how, but shortly after sitting next to Kate, I was unexpectedly flying outside.  I was venturing down river and I started flying under a bridge that was partially drawn.  After that I was flying through an intricate system of bridges.  Really high bridges too.

There were two female’s that were following/flying behind me, and one young male flying in front of me.  The guy in front of me was utterly ecstatic that he was able to fly.  Almost like he had never done it before.  He flew up to the highest bridge and looped over it.  I suspect he was laughing with joy.

I too felt that surge of power and energy.  I was hovering there as I watched him loop over that bridge, and I was thinking to myself how great this flying business was.   I then looked down below the bridges to see all of the people walking on the ground.  I thought to myself that it was so cool to be bestowed with this great power of being able to fly, and that only a few select people mastered the skill, including the 3 friends that were with me.

Then I thought to myself how cool it was that many of the times that I dream I was able to fly.  I was thinking how for so many years I had lost the power to fly in my dreams, and yet I had somehow re-aquired the skills.  And that’s when it hit me.  I was flying!   And therefore, I was “Dreaming”.  Of course I was dreaming.  Flying is always one of my greatest dream signs.

So I sat there hovering for a couple of seconds, and I gave some contemplation to what I was going to do now that I was Lucid.  I could do absolutely anything I wanted in this dream world, whether real or not.  It only took 2 seconds to make my choice.  I know from experience that the Lucid Dream does not last more than about 20 seconds for me and I had to act fast.

I made the decision to return to Kate to continue our friendly banter, only with Lucidity on my end.  Part of me wanted to see if she was real, or just a creation of my own mind.

I started to fly toward the ground, because I thought I’d recognize the way back easier by looking at things on the ground.  Then I thought to myself that this was going to take too long, and I knew there were faster ways to travel.  I focused on something that was about 100 yards in front of me and tried to bring myself closer, or to bring it closer to me.  It didn’t work.

I tried a couple more times, closing my eyes and envisioning that I had moved 100 yards ahead, then opened my eyes.   I think it may have worked to some extent.  I think I got to the point I was looking at, but honestly, I think it was a distraction.  I think that possibly what I should have done was to just simply envision myself back at the game/group room sitting next to Kate.  I believe I was going about things wrong.  These are hind-sight thoughts mind you.  In the dream I did not have the time, or take the time to realize whether my methods were right or wrong.  I was just acting.

No worries though.  I was still Lucid and in control.

So I started walking in the direction I wanted to go.  And suddently these two really large men blocked my path.  These men were like 7 and 8 feet tall, and quite overweight.  Like an oversized bouncer or wrestler.  They were apparently going to stop me from reaching Kate.

I was not afraid of them as I knew/believed they were not real, but somehow I was not able to get them out of my way.  I tried to just push out of my way, and that did not work.  They continued to block my path, and even get in my face.  With no fear, I picked them both up over my head and slammed them into the ground like a big time wrestler.

After slamming them down, I turned around and put them out of my head.  I realized that they were yet another distraction from what I was trying to do and so I gave them no more thought.  Apparently that at least worked.  They did not come at me again, and their precense just disappeared.

At this point, I decided it was time to get back to flying.  Though I think I gave up on returning to Kate at this point.

As I leapt toward the air, I landed squarly back on my feet.  I was not able to fly.  I tried a few different methods of getting back to flight, and all of them failed to work.  I could feel my Lucid power slipping from me.  I believed it was all in my head of course.  I believed I was not able to fly because I was blocking myself for some reason.

At this point, I remebered my last Lucid Dream, where I lost the Lucidity and just started having a normal dream again.  I concentrated on not letting that happen.  I concentrated and reminded myself that I was dreaming again.  This in itself gave me some level of power in the dream, but it was apparently not enough.

The dream slipped away from me at this point.  I do not recall what happened after this.  It’s like the dream just turned off.  Though I don’t believe I woke up.

Epilogue :

I am giving thought to some my intentions and strategies for when I next become Lucid.   Right now, I’m feeling like I should not put too much weight on accomplishing anything difficult upon achieving Lucidity.   Mostly, I should be having fun when I have these dreams, and not worrying too much about accomplishing or learning anything.

But there’s another part of me that wants to take the fullest advantage of the Lucid experience by learning how to shape and alter the environment to my will as much as possible.


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