Breath in Deeply Mantra

: Breath in Deeply :

breath in deeply
and while doing so
imagine your heart expanding with your breath

hold here for a moment

and as you exhale
imagine your heart
filling the space from your relaxing lungs
know that your heart has grown

: repeat as desired :

breath in deeply
and, as you do
visualize your heart expand beyond your body

revel in this moment

and as you exhale
imagine your breath
expanding your heart like a balloon
visualize your heart
encompassing those around you

visualize love

: repeat as desired :

and if you feel a pang
that may be the sweet sting of empathy
love and empathy are enmeshed

someone near you may be in pain
if it is safe to do so
give them a smile
give them a hug
show them your love

be wary of fear
be wary of anger
be wary of hate

as one who loves
as one with empathy
you will encounter these emotions

and it can hurt
like the heartbreak of lost love
even without being “in love”
causing your heart to retract in defense
sometimes it is all we can do to survive

but living in a shell
is not living at all

and so,
breath in deeply
you ready for this, heart?

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