Astral Projection to Reno, Nevada car show, Hot August Nights

18-Nov-2013 update :  Most of this post below was written by me in the early to mid 1990’s when I was younger.  I’m leaving it mostly in tact to properly reflect how I felt at the time of the dream.  Spelling and grammar errors included. As of today, I can say that this experience has shaped a huge part of who I am spiritually today. Without this eye opening experience, I wonder if I would have been able to get through the 12 steps which are so God focused.

Prologue : Before describing the dream, it’s important to understand the relationship between me and my Father. Through the divorce of my parents, the claims of abuse and generally nasty stuff that goes with divorce, I’ve always loved my dad with all my heart. Strangely though, we haven’t always kept in close contact with each other. Perhaps I could blame him for this when I was growing up after the divorce, but I really have to accept half that blame in my adult life. As of the updating of this page (11/2013), we definitely keep in much better touch.

At the time this dream took place, I recall that I hadn’t spoke with my Father for almost a full year. Sounds pretty bizarre huh? A whole year? Yes it’s true.  I suppose I was pretty preoccupied by my life in LA at the time.

The Dream : Time : Took place on the weekend of my Birthday. The first weekend in August.

I found myself inside what appeared to be some sort of mega-mall. I didn’t recognize any specific store names, but there were clothing shops, knickknack shops, and restaurants. I was walking through this mall in a slow relaxed state of mind, and feeling quite content.

I hadn’t taken more than 5 steps when I saw something that caught my eye. It was a row of about five Vegas style slot machines. I remember thinking, only for a split second, that it was odd to see slot machines in a mall. Then, from out of the blue, the thought entered my mind that I was in Reno, Nevada. This dream was my first time ever being in Reno. I had been to Vegas probably 2 times in my life prior to this dream, but never to Reno. Prior to this dream, I had never even given consideration to what Reno was like. Why would I have considered going to Reno when Vegas was right around the corner from me? At the green young age of 21 years old, the only reason to go to Nevada would have been to gamble and party.

A few more steps through the mall, I realized that I wasn’t walking alone. To my right was my Dad. I remember being so happy to be with my Dad. It was as if we had always been together. There was no year long gap between communication. We were Father and Son, enjoying a day out together. He was smiling most of the time, and at times, puckering his lips like he was whistling something. I remember he used to always whistle this song while he was driving when I was growing up. Maybe that’s what he was whistling in the dream.

As we progressed, I noticed my step mom (Kandi) walking alongside him on the other side. I don’t remember much about her, except that she was there, and that I was happy to be there with the two of them.

After walking for a few more seconds, we happened along something that caught my Fathers eye. His whistling lips went away, and he said something to Kandi and I about what he saw. It was a classic car in the middle of the walkway in the mall. You know how sometimes they have car shows in malls, and cars are parked throughout the mall for you to look at and sometimes enter raffles for? I soon realized that the cars were the reason for us being there. We were at an antique and classic car show. I’ve never been good at makes or models of cars, because I had never been that interested. However, as I started to look around at the other cars in the mall, I did recognize an older model Mustang, as well as an older model Corvette. They were probably both models from the 1960’s.

My Dad seemed to be very interested in the cars. It was him after all who invited me to the show in the first place.

Once my eyes opened up to all that was taking place in the mall, things became blurry and started to fade away from view. My last memories are of all the cars lined up through the mall. Near the end of the dream, it was almost as if there was no roof on the mall, and I was floating in the air looking down on things. That’s how I remember seeing so many classic and antique cars all at once.

The Next Day…

The day after this dream, I sat in my bed reflecting on it. By this time, I had learned from reading articles on dreams, that the best way to remember your dreams is to stay in a half awake, half asleep state and simply think about it for a while. This helps bring the dream to the conscious memory out of the sub-conscious. This dream was a happy one, and I wanted to remember it for all it was worth.

One Month After… (Still no communication with my Dad)

I found myself talking to my Grandmother (My Dad’s Mom). She is another person who I haven’t always kept in good contact with. She actually started making a better effort to keep in touch shortly after this time.  As of this update (11/2013) she has passed away. We talked for about 10 minutes or so before we got on the topic of how my Dad was doing. Since I hadn’t talked to him in so long, I thought I’d ask how he was. She just spit out the most intriguing part of it all in once sentence. She said that he was doing fine of course. Then she mentioned that last month he and Kandi spent the weekend at an antique car show in Reno, Nevada.

I was so blown away by this. My mind was racing as I recalled the dream I had the month before. I asked her what was he doing at an antique car show? I didn’t really know he was into that kind of stuff. Previously I only knew him as the commercial fisherman who didn’t have time to play around with hobbies like that. She said that over the past few months, he had purchased two antique cars and was actively attending car shows across the west coast. The Reno car show was, and still is called “Hot August Nights“. My Dad, Kandi, and brother Sam have attended the show for many years since this dream. I of course made the effort to attend the very next year they went. I absolutely had to see it with my own eyes. It was quite a site to see me and my dad cruising the strip with my Nine Inch Nails CD playing on his external speakers. Quite fun for me too.

I told my Grandma, and Kandi about the dream. I actually don’t recall ever telling my Dad. I guess I was unsure how he would react. Maybe someday he’ll find his way to this site and read about the dream for himself. I’m not sure what Grandma and Kandi thought about it. All I know is that it was an extremely powerful dream to me, and has opened my mind up to a lot of different idea’s. It has revealed to me, the power of the human mind. A few more millennium of evolution, and who knows what powers the human brain will have. Providing we survive ourselves of course.



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