Happiness ~ Rose Petal Butterfly Dream

Happiness is not dependent on external objects or the actions of others. Inside of you exists the power to create entire worlds, filled with all the love and beauty you can imagine, and even things you might have thought unimaginable. Sometimes, when life gets chaotic as it did for me this past week, I try and remind myself that the power to create what I need resides entirely within myself.

Dream Journal Entry : 01-Jun-2011

Dipping my head below the oceans surface, I watched as it absorbed the shock of an explosion. The shock wave reached down in the shape of a funnel. It looked like a tornado as it touched down on the ocean floor. It touched down on the shore of an underwater lake at the base of a beautiful mountain range. And as it did so, a vine started to grow up the side of the mountain. When the vine reached the top, it cast a shadow of a rose bud. The shadow was vibrant red and orange, and it multiplied into hundreds of rose petals. I waved my hand in the direction of the hilltop and spoke the word “butterflies”. In response, the rose petals turned into butterflies and spread out across the mountain top ocean floor spreading beauty and color across the dreamscape.

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